Roasting Your Turkey Safely

Important Points:

    • The Turkey Farmers of Canada recommends cooking a whole turkey to an internal temperature of 170⁰F (77⁰C) in the breast and 180⁰F (82⁰C) in the thigh.
    • Any stuffing placed in the cavity of the bird should reach an internal temperature of at least 165⁰F (74⁰C).
    • Cook all turkey breast meat and thighs until the meat thermometer registers 165⁰F (75⁰C).
    • Cook all ground turkey (including sausages) to an end-point temperature of 165⁰F (74⁰C).
    • Be sure to let the bird stand for 15-20 minutes before carving.

turkey thermometer

This illustration shows your where to place your thermometer to check the temperature of your turkey.

Roasting a Turkey:

How to insert a thermometer: