Spring Cleaning Your Body

Spring Cleaning your body

Health Tips with Karla Heintz (BSc) Nutrition Educator

Spring Cleaning Your Body

With tulips in bloom and trees budding what a perfect time to start planning how you are going to fit into your summer wardrobe.  Here are some tasty food additions you can add to your plate every day – which act as natural cleansers inside the body.

  • Papaya – sweet to taste and chalked full of natural enzymes, papaya eases the burden on your digestiveThis allows you to remove built up waste faster and a better digestion leads to a faster metabolism.
  • Apples – they contain natural pectin fiber that helps bind to cholesterol and heavy metals for easier removal, and helps fight the formation of cancer cells. Don’t forget about the extra 3 grams of fiber these tasty fruits have, which makes ‘bathroom time’ more efficient.
  • Beets – this unique vegetable (many of us do not get enough of), has natural plant compounds that work as a strong blood purifier and liver cleaningWhen cooked, slice them into coins and top of any salad, or eat as a side dish.

Karla Heintz (BSc) Nutrition Educator and Author of

‘Picky! Not Me Mom! A parents’ guide to children’s nutrition.