Shave Calories Off Your Day

 Health Tips with Karla Heintz (BSc), Nutrition Educator

With summer soon approaching, we always like to learn ways to trim back on calories to prep for our summer clothes.  This can be easier than you think.  Here are some quick and easy food ideas that anyone can exchange every day.


  1. At breakfast prepare an omelet with 4 egg whites instead of 2This saves almost 100 calories, and you get 16 grams of protein that helps keep you satisfied for longer.  Consider sautéing spinach and green onion first and adding to the omelet in cooking for fiber and extra flavour.
  2. Skip the juice, and go for the fruit instead. One cup of apple juice is about 120 calories, which while containing vitamin C, the sugar present in juice is high enough to trigger an insulinA raw apple on the other hand, has less sugar, and about 4 grams of fiber to lessen its impact on our blood sugar level, which makes it a favoured choice.
  3. Take a pass on the lunchtime bagel, and go for 2 slices of sprouted grain breadBagels can have upwards of 500 calories in them, where as 1 slice of bread averages out around 100.  Sprouted grain bread is ideal because it is very easy to digest, packed with nutrients and keeps your stomach flatter from less bloating
  4. If you are craving something creamy like alfredo pasta, instead of using a heave cream based sauce, make your own with cottage cheese. It melts, makes your dish creamy and gives you a ton of protein you did not expect.


Karla Heintz (BSc) Nutrition Educator and Author of

‘Picky! Not Me Mom! A parents’ guide to children’s nutrition.