Shaving Calories off "High Fat" Summer Food

 Health Tips with Karla Heintz (BSc), Nutrition Educator

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Shaving Calories on ‘High-Fat’ Summer Foods

We all want to be outdoors, turn on the grill, sick back and enjoy an ice cold beverage, with a perfectly grilled meal minutes away.  So how can we take in all the wonders our short summer has to offer, and still keep our waistline fit?  Here are some ideas to ponder…

Cold beverages that count – say no to electrolyte sports drinks, and pops that pack teaspoons of sugar, and say yes to homemade water pitchers. Make them fun by adding ice and slicing up your favorite fruit or vegetable.  Spas often slice up cucumbers, as they give the water a nice flavour, or be summer festive with a strawberry – kiwi blend.  You don’t know how good this tastes until you try it yourself.  Always keep them handy in the fridge, as the kids will fall in love.

Grilled Meats – as typical steaks and burgers can sometimes go anywhere from 300 – 1000 calories, and as high as 40 grams of fat we want to be aware of what we are buying.  Read the labels. You can buy lean beef burgers that have around 220 calories per patty and maybe 15 grams of fat.  As for cuts of meat, sizzle up some seasoned/marinated skinless chicken breasts, fillets of fish, or pork tenderloin instead.

Are you a potato or macaroni salad fanatic?  Here is the trick – make it on your own.  With the mayo in the recipe, buy the lower fat version, and do a 50:50 mixture of mayo and plain, 1% yoghurt.  This can shave 50 – 100 calories off a typical serving easy!


Karla Heintz (BSc) Nutrition Educator and Author of

‘Picky! Not Me Mom! A parents’ guide to children’s nutrition.