About the Alberta Turkey Producers

The Alberta Turkey Producers represent 46 turkey farms within the province of Alberta which together produced more than 19 million kilograms of turkey meat in 2014.


How are Turkeys Raised?

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On Farm Food Safety

Turkey farmers across Canada and within Alberta have access to, and are implementing, the Turkey Farmers of Canada On-Farm Food Safety Program© (OFFSP), which details specific steps to reduce and control potential food-safety hazards on-farm.  The program outlines extensive biosecurity measures, including restricting access of people and animals into barns, disinfecting equipment and taking proper barn management and hygiene precautions; all aimed at keeping birds healthy.

The program has passed technical review by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), demonstrating that it is based on sound science and meets all Canadian regulatory requirements.

By implementing this program, Canadian turkey farmers are doing everything they can to raise turkeys of the highest quality.

Animal Care

The Turkey Farmers of Canada (TFC) Flock Care Program© is an auditable national program that provides turkey farmers with measures to ensure the proper handling and care of their birds.

Based on the Canadian Recommended Code of Practice , as well as other internationally accepted programs and standards, the TFC Flock Care Program requires detailed on-farm record-keeping and documentation, and complements the flock care-related measures covered by the TFC On-Farm Food Safety Program.

View the Poultry Code of Practice

Learn how turkeys are raised! Learn what turkeys are fed!
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Flock Health


Turkeys, like any other living creatures, can sometimes become sick.  Medication, approved by Health Canada, is given when necessary to prevent and treat infections, and is administered under the supervision of a veterinarian.  If medication is used to care for sick birds, a withdrawal period is required before any bird can leave the farm.  

The farmer is responsible for keeping records of medication used from the first day, until the last day of use.  The farmer must also sign a record stating that the correct withdrawal time as taken place and repot this to the processor prior to marketing the birds.

Through poultry inspection programs, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) monitors and tests meat products for a wide variety of contaminants to help ensure that consumers receive a safe, wholesome product.

There Are No Hormones Or Steroids Used in Canadian Turkey Farming!

Hormones and steroids have been prohibited for over 30 years. Scientific advancements such as selective breeding, better feed formulation and modern management practices are responsible for the larger, healthier turkeys produced by today's farmers.