About the Alberta Turkey Producers

The Alberta Turkey Producers was formed by producer vote on January 6, 1967.  Together with industry partners, the marketing board helps to regulate, promote and educate consumers about today’s turkey.  The organization is governed by a board of directors who represent the 44 licensed turkey producers within the province of Alberta.  The Board is able to exist under provincial legislation known as the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act and federal legislation known as the Farm Products Agencies Act.

Turkey Marketing Regulation 

Turkey Producers Authorization Regulation

Turkey Producers Plan Regulation

Alberta Turkey Producers Federal Authorization Order

Alberta Turkey Producers is a member of the Turkey Farmers of Canada (TFC) which was established in 1974.  Members of the TFC include eight provincial turkey-marketing boards: Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick as well as two industry organizations, the Canadian Poultry and Egg Processor Council and the Further Poultry Processors Association of Canada.

 Our Mission:  Alberta Turkey Producers is the voice of the turkey production industry in Alberta. Our leadership and service contribute to creating a stable environment for the protection and growth of the Alberta turkey industry.

Our Vision:  A strong, stable and growing turkey industry committed to constantly improving product quality and building consumer confidence.